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As an artist, my focus has been on exploring the relationship between objects and people. My approach encompasses not only physical entities but also digital elements and information, delving into the interactions between our daily lives and the material world. I believe that exploring these dynamics between 'objects,' 'people,' and 'information' can lead to a deeper understanding of societal and personal challenges, as well as avenues for their resolution.

In today's society, the rapid evolution of AI and digital technologies is profoundly transforming our lives and societal structures. Within this context, the question of 'what unique values and roles humans possess' becomes increasingly significant.

My works seek to explore the potential of creating new values through the interaction between physical 'objects' and digital 'information.' For instance, in 'Lovewords Trigger the Popcorn,' spectators whisper words of love, turning these utterances into energy that makes popcorn pop. This piece examines the relationship between words and physical matter.

Similarly, 'The Automatic Kowtow Coffee Machine' explores the interaction between human actions and machine responses. When a participant kneels before the machine, this action is detected through image recognition and facial recognition technologies, and coffee is provided in exchange for this 'value.' This work humorously focuses on human pride, prompting a reevaluation of our daily actions and values through the lens of human-machine interaction.

Ultimately, my work aims to probe new interpretations at the intersection of technology and humanity, encouraging profound contemplation in viewers. Through art, I aspire to unravel the complex relationships between humans, objects, and information, inviting others to join me on this journey of discovery and understanding.

For more detailed information on my works and activities, please refer to the following link:

Muto Isamu Activity PDF (Japanese Only)