新ナゴヤ島 SINNAGOYAJIMA 2011/9.19mon-9.25sun)


N-mark(art research group) confirmed that there were a lot of art spaces managed independently by artists and art units collaborated by students in Nagoya.
They repeated changes in expressions and management methods. A unique art movement(an ecosystem) appeared as they created fine surroundings to survive. The movement accomplished an originality just like japanese digital culture(Galapagos syndrome).
Although this could be a trivial phenomenon when we look into a global art scene, it's a precious opportunity to encounter undiscovered arts.
This "Shin Nagoya Jima" realize an introduction of "Nagoya Galapagos art scene" for the first time in the world. Art teams and artists from Nagoya come to Yokohama and you might catch a glimpse of the "Nagoya Galapagos art scene" here.

石田達郎 a.k.a ジェット達/artist run space i/O(アイ・オー)/矢島与萌/学食二階次元/山下拓也

会場: 新港ピア 新・港村(横浜市中区新港2-5)
時間: 午前11時30分ー午後7時(金曜の夜は午後9時まで)/休館日: 9月の木曜日+10月13日[木]、10月27日[木]
BankART IIIのチケット(新・港村パスポート)料金: 一般当日 300円 / 大学生当日 250円 / 高校生当日 200円 中学生以下、障害者手帳をお持ちの方とその介護者1名は無料 会期中有効
助成: ACY横浜における創造的芸術活動助成事業 先駆的芸術文化活動部門 特別協力: BankART
お問い合わせ: N-mark/URL http://www.N-mark.com/ E-mail info@n-mark.com